Ready to audition? We’d love to hear you perform and learn more about what makes you tick musically.

We’re here to seek out the promise of today and create the virtuosos of tomorrow – the audition process helps us to do that.


We know it might seem daunting, but we’re very approachable! It’s not so much about what you already know as what we think you’re capable of achieving, and whether we can help you on that journey. It’s also a chance for you to find out if we’re the right fit for you.

In this section, you can find out more about dates, and what to do for your audition.

Audition requirements: For more information about specific audition requirements, such as the kind of pieces you should play, please take a look at the relevant department page, in the 'courses' area.

Everyone who applies on time will be auditioned – we can’t wait to discover the new musicians of the future.

Due to the restrictions regarding the COVID 19 pandemic, we will not be auditioning at any international centres for 2021 entry, and we will be conducting all December auditions online. This allows our applicants to plan for their audition safe in the knowledge that there will be no need for last-minute cancellations owing to local or national restrictions or lockdowns.

In a time of extreme uncertainty the decision to conduct all our December auditions online gives future students confidence in a robust and equitable application process.

Details of how to go about this and what to perform (or present if you are a composer) can be found in the in the 'courses' area of the relevant Department pages, and on our video auditions page.

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